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CARTHAGE CREANCES is a service financial company under control of the Ministry of Finance, created according to Act No. 98-4 of February 6, 1998 regarding corporate debt recovery.

Our field of action is the prevention and recover of unpaid debts and legally, providing our clients with customized and innovative solutions to optimize the management of trade debtors and limit the risk of


  • We operate in complementarity with action engaged by your services
  • Our teams initiate the amicably treatment upon receipt of your receivables
  • We undertake a thorough investigation of creditworthy borrowers to define the best strategy to recover your debts.
  • We urge the judicial recovery actions adapted to the profile of your debtors.
  • Reduce payment period of your customers
  • Improve your cash flow and optimize your BFR
  • Increase your debt recovery
  • Develop strong business relationships with our customers

Because we aim to provide our customers with high quality efficient service, we practice our activity in respect of values ​​that define our identity.


In order to build relationships of trust with our customers, we inform you in real time about our actions through a completely secure Client access to our website or via mail.


We handle claims entrusted by our Clients through effective action and tailored to your needs whatever are the amount and nature of your claim.


With swiftness and efficiency of processing in all records, we realize an exceptional performance to satisfy and retain customers.

Respect of the debtor

Because your debtor is one of your clients, we respect the debtor during all procedures.

Debt collection is a set of sensitive operation that requires specialized knowledge in order to achieve the expected results.

Pro fit from expert teams

CARTHAGE CREANCES has not only skills needed to carry out recovery actions of your debts, but also human and technical resources.

Preserve your customer relationship

Avoid getting involved directly in a confrontational relationship with your customers and call your trusted partner, because we prefer amicable recovery of your receivables and we seek pragmatic solutions to avoid losing clients.

Remuneration on the amount recovered

Our compensation is based on the success of the recovery operation; if your debt is not recovered you don’t have to pay.

Multiethnic business team meeting in the office

Whether you are a big company with a large volume of unpaid or an SME, your expectations and needs are not the same, this why CARTHAGE CREANCES has implemented a flexible organization to adapt its services according to the needs of its clients.

To reach the highest level of performance, CARTHAGE CREANCES direct the efforts of its staff and services to the satisfaction of clients by adopting a customer-centric organization.

You are a client of CARTHAGE CREANCES: You have a single interlocutor, the customer responsible, who is in charge of your satisfaction and your business relationship with CARTHAGE CREANCES. He also in charge of working with :

Because trust and loyalty of our customers are the main objective, CARTHAGE CREANCES devotes all resources for the benefit of its customers.


Our strong financial position

With significant equity and almost no debt CARTHAGE CREANCES is your trusted partner for a lasting business relationship.


Separation of accounts

We have dedicated separate bank accounts for funds collected from recovery activity.


Pure compliance with regulations

We are acting in accordance with Law No. 98-4 of February 6, 1998 regarding corporate debt recovery.


Direct and secure access to your record

You gain access to a client zone to monitor in real time your assigned claims.

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