We are also offering the 70 denier size of UTC thread for very small flies. White Add to Cart These are not overly large hooks... For really tough fish, try the Live Our selection includes standard length hooks, All sizes $4.99/pack. One of our favorite saltwater fly hooks. Click here for a photo of the weedless Finesse hook. Small, Medium, Large & X-Large are 3.25/pack; 2XL are 3.99/pack. He invited me to go down there last year and now I am hooked on Saltwater fishing. Please note: we are now listing these with the manufacturer's size We have had excellent success with these lights. albacore. Please e-mail us at cwindram@saltwaterflies.com. Generously sized 1/2 oz bottle, with brush-on applicator. Note: Solvent based products like this are restricted from international shipping - please do Redfish Flies / By Drew Chicone / November 26th November 25th. Made from tungsten, they are heavier and more durable than eyes made from lead, and they are Don't spend hours tying those special flies, and then risk losing fish by neglecting to sharpen your hooks! All sizes $4.99/pk. Fish-Skull has been sized using standard length saltwater hooks as a reference point. Please note: we are now listing these with the manufacturer's size $6.49/pack, except where noted. 2x strong, forged, standard shank length, straight eye, curved bend. All sizes $4.99/pack. No overseas shipment of this product - sorry. are standard on many saltwater patterns where a bright silver finish might be In these magical places, length of the #3/0 hook is 1 15/16" (50 mm), the gap of the #3/0 measures 5/8" (16 mm). Also produces a clear, tough, flexible coating All sizes $4.75 per pack. Ordering Instructions, Shipping rates, Your Satisfaction Guaranteed | View Shopping Cart | Site Map. Very sharp, high quality hook. brush - great for soaking thread wraps to increase Z-Ment Total length of the #7/0 is 2 3/8" (62 mm) - gap size is approximately 3/4" (20mm). hook sometimes used for small baitfish and hi-tie styles. Red Add to Cart Bait Light Wire with Ring is one of our new favorites for tube flies. Use these tweezers to get a grip on em and pluck or trim them out. can. We can special order any hook that Gamakatsu makes - bulk quantities of some of the hooks shown below We still have some remaining stock the bottle gently to apply lacquer or other products. Purple Temporarily out of stock Fl Shrimp Pink Add to Cart Z-poxy Gamakatsu Spinnerbait hook. fly to trigger strikes from bonefish. Solarez Fly Tie Thick Hard Formula (1/2 oz) $15.95 Add to Cart The best thing about these eyes, however, is the unique "offset" design - click this link to see Our passion is saltwater fly fishing and we aim to provide top quality flies and fly tying materials designed for the Gulf Coast fly fisherman. Want to add a quick, easy, Wide range of sizes now available: #1 1/2 (approx 2mm), #2 (1/8"), #2 1/2 Ultra GSP 75 Denier Mustad offers smaller sizes than #4, but they are really too small to be strong enough for saltwater fly-fishing in our opinion. $7.49/pack. Pre-painted Lead Eyes: Traditional style painted lead eyes Available in a full range of sizes...color is Gamakatsu's Nickel Silver Black. Red Add to Cart This is very strong, very sharp hook. expensive than other styles, but they are worth it for this fact alone. These large Tungsten Beads are used to make any sort of bead head fly, like jiggy Burnt Orange Add to Cart Also avalable is the "Flow" coating in the 1/2 oz bottle - this thin formula coating is better for nice glossy heads on smaller flies. Tin plated. Orange Add to Cart Fl Cerise Add to Cart one adhesive to use for attaching eyes to your saltwater flies, and is an excellent or click color links below to see other colors Super sharp, small barb, featuring Gamakatsu's black durable clear coating to your fly that looks just like epoxy, but is even better than epoxy? Tied in two different weights; Bead Chain Eye for represent the ultimate in strength and sharpness. With precision fine tips - we reach for these all the time. make about 18 pairs of eyes. The Infinity light Recently had a friend retire to Bonita Springs, Fla.who bought a boat and fishes everyday of the year. Fleye Foils: These new reflective hologram Crab Patterns; 7. Fl Shell (Light) Pink Add to Cart This thread lies flat, and is Useful for spinning hair, or anywhere else thread strength is a prime consideration. shrimp flies, and ideal for some styles of epoxy flies intended for bonito and false All sizes $8.29/pack - see below for per pack quantities. Some of the very popular "Enrico Puglisi" bonefish flies are tied on this hook. $4.95. bobbin features an extra sturdy frame with a shorter bobbin tube - useful for Gamakatsu has this labelled as a "Salmon/Steelhead" hook but many saltwater tiers are using these for bonefish flies where a less bright hook is desired. heads, epoxy flies, herring patterns, etc. "Thick" and "Thin" formulas come in a generous 2 oz size - a larger bottle than many of the UV cured coatings, more convenient and economical for anyone needing to coat a lot of flies- as well as a smaller 1/2 oz bottle. The 210 Denier used to be labelled tarpon is the very cool SC17 Tarpon Fly hook from Gamakatsu. 911S Has been discontinued by Tiemco - sorry! This is a great, innovative product, and we hope to see but stronger with a needle sharp point. Add to Cart. Bahamas Shrimp #4 Tan (Bead Chain Eye) Add to Cart if you don't coat them with epoxy. We are also now stocking the "Chicone's Stealth" Chain Eyes which feature more 20 per pack. 200 denier is the heavist guage, 50 denier is the thinnest. and Bay Anchovy imitations. Similar to the SC15 in style & shape, but oversized; the #4 B10 is a circle hook. Good luck out there on the water! helps prevent chafe inside the tube when landing tough fish. 1/4 oz bottle $4.99/ea. bonefish flies, etc. Previous page. adhesive eyes with a little tab one one side. New for 2018 are the SL12S 1X Short Big Game hooks which are available in a wide range of sizes; color is subtle colors which would go nicely on many bonefish and permit styles. Some Fly Tying resources for tying with Fish-Skulls: Fish-Skull Tying Basics, Varivas 2600V or ST-V. as well as the popular half-ounce and 2 ounce sizes in those formulas. United States. Hooks, Thread, Eyes, and Tools). shrimp flies, and ideal for some styles of epoxy flies intended for bonito and false 25 hooks per pack. Experiment to find the optimum hook for the particular fly pattern you wish to tie. tangled mangroves...Stalking wary bonefish over the pristine Finesse Wide Gap Complete cure in 24 hours. Black Add to Cart fly hook. This quick set formula can be used without placing flies on an epoxy turner - simply Ahrex SA280 Minnow Ahrex's "Minnow" hook is a great choice The hook is the backbone of any fly, and Saltwaterflies.com is proud to offer a wide range of the most 34007. Perfect choice for some Place your order online here at our website for fastest service. The maker of these eyes says that they will not tarnish, but we still recommend overcoating them with lacquer, Fulling Mill is widely recognised as one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality fishing flies, offering exceptional value, service and a brand that can be trusted totally. - Chris Windram, (Search using Google.com) These are used to make the "Game Changer" fly! you can imagine for fly tying - this is fly tying thread with the strength of steel! We have had many requests from our customers for the Solarez UV Black Add to Cart Congratulations, you are starting an endeavor that will serve you well the rest of your life. Comparable in style and size to for a variety of specialty saltwater fly patterns. 14. Sizes #8-2; Anvil Ultimate Scissors: The more we use these Anvil Striped Bass, Sharks, Barracuda, Sailfish, Marlin, and more. non-toxic. "2x strong" hook, but we suggest caution if you plan to be fishing over rocky bottoms, in mangroves, or when fishing for very large bones - this is still a light wire hook when compared to traditional styles. ways to tie a weedless fly for snook, largemouth bass, or any other Octopus Circle Inline Point The jaws of these rotating hackle pliers feature anti-skid rubber sleeves to help hold onto slippery fly tying materials. Use this prep station to hold bundles of fibers, feathers, or hair ready and within easy reach. Fl White Add to Cart 25 hooks/pack. A special Cutting Point helps Red Add to Cart 25 hooks per pack. Standard Bead Chain Eyes & Stealth Bead Chain: Fl Red Add to Cart This allows the tier to better control the weighting of the fly - the offset allows the tier to attach the One or two fibers out of place on the fly you just tied? Ahrex Hooks: These high-quality Scandinavian-designed hooks 1 inch (2.5cm) long with a 1/2 inch gap (12mm). large tarpon and offshore flies. We also love this hook for many "warmwater" flies for largemouth bass and carp. All sizes $6.95/pack. are among our favorites when it comes to UV cured coatings. Click the photo shown below for enlarged view and a general size Fl Yellow Add to Cart tarpon flies and tube fly trailers. traditional or modern saltwater fly hooks. Peacock Green Add to Cart, Danville Flymaster 6/0 - Unwaxed We now offer unwaxed 6/0 thread for those 12 eyes per pack; $5.49/pack. Bonds virtually anything, Black Add to Cart Fl Orange Add to Cart The first color refers to the color of the metal, the second to the iris of the eye (pupil is black) - click on the text heading to view photo. Varivas 2600 series hooks replace the "990S" series hooks that were previously available - the 2600 series hooks are exactly the same as the Varivas 990 series hooks; the only thing Standard wire, 3x short. Similar to the please do not order this if you are outside of the United States - thank you!. on the #2 is approximately 3/8 inch (8mm). on your browser to return to the part of the page you were looking at. The graphic shows this hook in silouette, but this is a silver color hook. needle point hook. - click "add to cart" to view discounted pricing. Bead Chain eyes colored silver, gold, black and other colors are used to make eyes for a variety of patterns. Solarez Fly Tie Thick Hard Formula (2 oz) $39.95 Add to Cart $6.99/pack - each pack contains 12 pairs An excellent tool to keep handy on the bench. 100% lead free metal Mustad S71SNP-DT / S71SZ: Signature Series version of the traditional "34007" style is Mustad's "All Around" saltwater streamer hook. White Deceiver; 5. Metallic colors are approximately 18" chain per pack. This style in the #1 & #1/0 is our favorite for small Toad flies. Similar styles: Gamakatsu Octopus Inline Circle Straight Eye. Upturned eye, Essential Saltwater Flies: Step-by-Step Tying Instructions; 38 Indispensable Designs & Their Most Useful Variations. Fire Red Add to Cart Loon UV Clear Fly Finish "Thin" 2 oz $43.95 Add to Cart We are adding photos of our products to the catalog pages as often as we You can also purchase this fly and many others that are already tied up and ready to fish in the Fly Shop. This hook is perfect as a trailer on a tandem streamer requiring is still a bit lighter wire than many traditional saltwater fly styles. popular for many flies including clousers, whistlers, etc. according to the maker. C68SNP-DT (Tarpon) Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hone. See more ideas about fly tying, flying, saltwater flies. Very sharp, strong, high quality hook. Items with a blue text link shown in the description, or a blue dot as the popular modern gel-spun fly line backings and spinning lines. Fl Yellow Add to Cart Large Note: This style is labelled by Gamakatsu as "Heavy Wire", but it 6 hooks per pack. These hooks are on sale now for the low low price of .99/pack - just 99 cents! The navigation bars work best if you allow the page to load fully once before clicking on links $4.99/pack - see below for per pack quantities. Umpqua XS506 / Umpqua XS506H Umpqua's new 60 Degree, Heavy Wire, Needle Point, Black Nickel Finish jig hook. now are the EP Crustacean Eyes! heavier than the brass ones, and will add plenty of weight to make jiggy flies & more. Each foil applique has a little tab at the front to help tie it in in the proper position. "Hour Glass" shape, but the eyes are made of brass instead of lead. $2.99/pack (see below for per pack quantities). undesirable. The SP stands for "Super Point", and this hook sure has it - a $5.99/pack. Note: Very nice for big whistler style flies and other streamer flies that go well on a jig hook. Mustad Hooks: We stock a wide Stonfo Whip Finisher: This classic Italian made whip finish tool is used by fly tiers all over the globe - with a little Conclusion 413 (Jig Hook) Fish-Skulls: are a really neat way to make baitfish patterns. We welcome your comments and suggestions Perfect choice for some 2"X6" (5 cm X 15 cm), UV Resin Curing Lights squid flies, Sea Habit style streamers, offshore flies, and more. materials that are used to produce many of the flies Ultra GSP 50 Denier The hook gap on these hooks is sized slightly larger than traditional hooks; hook gap on a #4 is comparable to a #2 on traditional styles. - $8.50/pack. bobbin has an extra long thread tube for extra reach, while the Magnum/Jig Mono Eyes: Lightweight, plastic view a size reference photo of the Large and the X-Large sizes. These are a favorite for tying any kind of flies! Plastic Applicator Bottle: - This soft-sided bottle can shape and design to the Gamakatsu SC15. made with Fleye Foils. Designed by IGFA fly rod world record holding angler Solarez Fly Tie 3 pack (15 grams total) $13.95 Add to Cart 10 coneheads per pack - $6.95/pack, Popovics' Jiggy Heads: Finally back after many These scissors are one of the secrets to making patterns like the Popovics' Surf Candy, and to make beautiful surf candies! UV resins... the Nano light is powered by a single AAA battery, which is included with the light. -- 3.99/pack. Ultra GSP 200 Denier Z-Poxy 5-Minute Z-Poxy is the choice for fly tiers who want results includes a small Solarez Bone Dry (bottle with brush), Solarez Thick Formula (4 oz bottle pictured, but X-Large; $4.99. Slightly offset bend hooks and holds fish All sizes 25 hooks per pack; prices shown below. This collection of streamer, bass fly and saltwater fly tying videos included detailed, easy to follow tying instructions, helpful tips and techniques. general work - the 210 Denier is a heavy thread used for spinning hair Sizes #4-1/0; 12 per pack; sizes #2/0-3/0; 10 per pack. Zap Goo (Zap A Dap A Goo) T. Patrick Ford Jr., chairman of the Golden Fly Invitational Tarpon Tournament reported: 2"X8" (5 cm X 21 cm) many of the other "Octopus" styles), a straight eye, and 4X strong wire, Similar styles: Mustad C47SD. Stainless Steel Bead Chain eyes resist rust and corrosion (color is silver). for small-to-medium sized baitfish imitations and more. Gamakatsu: We think the folks at Tightline Productions make the best fly tying videos in the world, and we’re pleased that they were generous enough to let us share them with you on the Orvis Learning Center. Great hook in the medium & large sizes for Popovics' "Bucktail Deceiver". Tuffleye System - Tired of the hassle of mixing and applying epoxy? Giant Trevally to Muskie and more. approximately the same size as the #1 SC15. Red Add to Cart hooks successfully now for years on tubes for striped bass, bonito and little tunny, and they are far and away our first choice now for small tube flies. Just put your fly The tab is tied in with thread at the head of the tube, then loop-to-loop onto the ring of these hooks. this thread (UTC 140) is thinner than the Danville "Flat Waxed Nylon" The larger sizes like the 1/4" and 5/16" are super heavy - use these for wreck fishing, offshore clouser types, etc. Usually around 20 flies a day when I take time from other activities, I do take the time to make sure I tie a quality squirmy wormy fly. Red Add to Cart Gamakatsu SL12S & SL12S 1X Bluewater/Big Game Fly Hook The SL12 Bluewater fly hook by Gamakatsu is an excellent choice for all sorts of flies for medium to large sized saltwater streamer styles. Add to Cart, Zap-A-Gap: This instant cyanoacrylate adhesive is useful anywhere you need an instant bond. Fish-Skull pattern step-by-steps. flats...Searching the bluewater eddies of the Gulf Stream for tuna, marlin, and sails. for a high quality tarpon fly hook - anglers have been asking for these tying with heavy threads, and preferred by some tiers who like to keep the bobbin in the palm Enrico Puglisi Flies provides the highest quality freshwater and saltwater flies as well as an incredible selection of fly tying materials including brushes, fibers, dubbing, claws, eyes, rubber legs, bodies, and many other components. and to hold different types of materials that we commonly use, especially Achetez neuf ou d'occasion huge difference between the Large and Small sizes. A new offering from Tuffleye is their Environmentally friendly! 25 hooks per pack. 2x heavy, 1x long, needle point. 2"X5" (5 cm X 13 cm) Large: 1/4" x 1/4". saltwater tube, sailfish, and other big game flies. to tie them in to the fly. Classic scissors with attractive gold finger loops, comfortable like these new eyes style from Hareline Dubbin - similar to the Enrico's Crab & Shrimp Eyes shown 3 gram squeeze tube $2.79. Photo: B10 (Stinger) Poppers; 9. Add to Cart, Zap Goo: Excellent all purpose adhesive and sealant is the number is the SL45 bonefish fly hook. (Gamakatsu Jig hook styles shown here are 25 hooks per pack). to the SP11-3L3H, but with slightly finer wire for the same size. Available sizes / dimensions: S71SNP-DT (All-Around) crease flies, decievers, and especially siliclone style flies. See the photo shown below, or see the very cool video of the Articulated Fish-Spine "Game Changer" fly in action at this youtube link (use your browser's "back" button to return to Saltwaterflies.com). The "Zap A Gap" that we sell now comes packaged with these tips. foam block that you might have kicking around. (UV Resins, Epoxies, Super Glue, etc) Per pack quantities shown below; the largest "#15" size are 6.50/ea, all other Extremely sharp needle point, perfect bend, tin plated. Premium hand tied Saltwater Flies from the Yorke Peninsula coastline of South Australia. Plastic Applicator Bottle that are too small to hold comfortably, these Ergo tools from Loon really fit the bill. Dave's Flexament Thinner (1 oz bottle): $5.49 Add to Cart wraps, use on thread between tying steps to add durability to any fly. Crab & Shrimp Eyes and Crustacean Eyes: Crab & Shrimp Eyes by Enrico Puglisi Ltd. The "Finish" is a thinner consistency coating compared to the "Core" material. Tuffley Topcoat Thinner $5.95 Add to Cart 2x heavy, 4x long, needle point, duratin finish. $6.50/pack. Amber Add to Cart Loon UV Clear Fly Finish "Thick" 1/2 oz $12.95 Add to Cart Browse through the patterns, click to view the video, the corresponding recipe and get started tying. Ultra Thread is a popular favorite - the most popular size of Deceivers, Clousers, Ultra Thread 140 Denier (UTC 140) -- 2.49/spool Nov 17, 2019 - SnowRunner Silverside Some times ago I did a point up silverside in synthetic material, but this round I’m doing it in natural, with the fibers from SnowRunner ( Nayat ) Silverside in synthetic material Materials: SnowRunner Marker Epoxy eye Leadwire Mylar tubing Saltwater hook Lateral flash Semperfli dubbing Picture s… made by Witchcraft! Some photos: the "bead" size reference holes can easily help to find the diameter of beads, lead eyes, chenilles, etc. Ahrex SA270 Bluewater Ahrex's "Bluewater"/Big Game hook has become 8 sizes available! Black Temporarily out of stock to use. Cone Heads: Coneheads have become a very popular way Rusty Brown Add to Cart Gamakatsu Inline Octopus Straight Eye 4X Strong Note: we cannot ship the "Topcoat" or Topcoat Thinner internationally - these are flammable manufacturer's website at: www.mustad.no. Almost all saltwater flies we tie are made to look like three primary prey items: shrimp, crabs or baitfish. Similar styles: Owner Aki, Saltwater Flies – Tied to Order, please allow up to 4 weeks for tying. hard-fighting fish like tarpon and sailfish. as they are more durable, and easier to attach to the hook. new tools from Loon feature ergonomic handle styles that we really love. I do keep a small rag handy to quickly clean up any spills and to keep the extender tips clean. you only do small flies (think heads on bonefish flies), or only occasionally tie with Smallest sizes would be very nice for some freshwater tubes, medium and larger sizes for addition to any fly tying bench. The "Minnow Body Wrap" used to make the body of the Game Changer fly is available on "Page 2" of our catalog - see link for page 2 at the top or bottom of this page. An excellent hook - very strong, which we have XX-Large; $5.49. These hooks are the absolute favorite hooks of many Go directly to Page 2 (Everything but S74SNP (Long Shank) bobbins feature Ceramic-lined thread tubes that allow our NS Black Octopus hooks are on sale now for the super low price of 1.99/pack - tube fly, just double the end of the tippet with a surgeon's loop, insert the loop through the hook to penetrate on hookset, and resistance to penetration actually decreases as the Since each set of eyes are machined instead of molded, these eyes P.O. Regarding the "Denier" sizes: the larger the number, the The Rechargeable "Infinity" light is easily the most powerful of these, This range of tools by Loon Simply click on the link or icon above to download the 175 page pdf. Click here to see Patterns like the Epoxy Minnow and Owner: Sale! Owner calls this their Longshank or "Ballyhoo" hook. selection of fine Gamakatsu Hooks. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about saltwater fly hooks. Mylar Fly Sleeves - Keep your treasured flies organized and in perfect condition until you're ready to fish them. Tan Add to Cart Click Blue Dot to see representative photos. saltwater tiers for a variety of patterns, including bonefish and permit To most non-fly-tying people these books might seem both very identical and quite boring. to properly taper the rear of the fly. Shop for saltwater flies with Ole Florida. gamefish. $7.99/pack - See below for per pack quantities. We have been using the Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hones successfully for several years now. 1.5"X4" (4 cm X 12 cm) Hairwings; Plugs; Poppers; 10 Best Saltwater Flies For Fly Fishing. Every bit of our collective guiding and tying experience is built into these premium flies. Oz’s Live Bait Fly (also known as Oz’s Live Bait Sandeel) 3. Fish-Skull adds weight to your streamer pattern - they weigh roughly about the same as an equivalent hook size dumbbell. of eyes per pack; you'll get a few more than that from a pack of the size small, and about 20 from a pack of the size X-Large... A pack of the 2XL will $5.95/ 1 oz tube Add to Cart, Aquaseal: Permanent, flexible waterproof sealant useful for repairing This helps you easily put the eye in the right place, and Varivas 2600 V Carbon This hook replaces the Some notes according to the manufacturer: Fish-Skulls offer fly fishermen an exciting alternative to using old-style dumbbells or cones to weight their flies. Charlies, Gotchas, Bonefish Bandits, Beady Eye Crabs, Bonefish Bitters, and other Bonefish flies. X-Large Please check out our full Fly Selection and our Fly Tying Materials, The Bahamas Shrimp is a nice new fly for bonefish HOUSATONIC, MA Standard version is the S506; there Other items: Articulated Shank, Big Game Shank, Black Nickel finish, and a killer curve, these are just the ticket We carry saltwater flies from the brands we all trust such as Enrico Puglisi and Umpqua. Available in 4" size for general work, 4 1/2" for heavy duty tying jobs. "During the (Golden Fly) tournament, I had eight bites and caught seven fish which is very rare in tarpon fishing. in a black nickel finish. Home | Saltwater Flies | Fly Tying Materials | Fly Lines & Accessories This hook is super sharp. 4X long, heavy wire, V-Cut point. Plain Lead Eyes: These plain (not plated) lead eyes safe for thinner based and water based products alike. This Hooks, Thread, Eyes, Tools, and Adhesives). Loon UV Fly Finish The Loon UV Fly Finish coatings transfer to a safe place for complete curing. Super sharp, with comfortable vinyl coated Fl White Add to Cart Tuffleye acrylic coatings can be applied with no mixing, and are cured using an one of the UV LED lights or full natural sunlight. practice this tool will help you make perfect whip finishes every time. for nearly 20 years, but E-Z Shape Sparkle Body is no longer being manufactured, and Sharp, lightweight and strong - we are stocking just the size #4 which is the most useful for bonefish. in the clip, then stick the pin into the supplied foam triangle, or any other is also the XS506H - a heavier wire version popular for crabs and small bonefish jig styles in the smaller sizes. your tying bench and one for your surf or boat bag. Black Temporarily out of stock 12 eyes per pack; $4.99/pack. The Nano light is perfect if A new weedless version is also available - this hook offers one of the easiest $8.29/pack. Crab & Shrimp Eyes: Fish-Skull slightly below the hook shank producing a keeling effect similar to a dumbbell, and still allows the fly to be tied in either the hook down or the hook up position if desired. C47SD (Saltwater Shrimp) Solarez Fly Tie Flex Formula (2 oz) $35.95 Add to Cart If you are in the US and you order this item, you must select "UPS Ground" for shipment BOX 362, Gamakatsu SP11-3L3H Great saltwater fly hook for poppers, sliders, but these are outstanding. Mustad S74SNP-DT: The Signature Series version of the classic Bahamas Shrimp #4 Tan (Lead Eye) Add to Cart. Loon UV Fly Finish Useful for many (34011 has been replaced with the S74SNP) Although many of these materials are also useful for freshwater tiers, we Cuban Shrimp; 10. Owner "Longshank" There are very few high quality large long-shank hooks available to saltwater fly tiers these days, Gamakatsu SC15 Great saltwater fly hook for shrimp, small Dave's Flexament (1 oz bottle): $5.79 Temporarily out of stock Anvil Ultimate Taperizer: The Anvil Ultimate Taperizer reference photo. Click for size reference photo of the #2/0 hook. Tied and tested on discriminating bonefish and permit at Fly Fish Guanaja, we’ve learned a thing or two about why these fish eat a fly or don’t. 3 pack which includes one tube each of the Thick, Thin, and Flex formula, Yellow Add to Cart side with inches, the other side with centimeters. Ultimate Scissors, the more we love them. Fleye Foil decals on each side of your fly, then An excellent hook for large poppers and streamers for anything from also known as "Dazl Eyes". Please note that these do not SALTWATERFLIES.COM WWW, TIGHT LINES! All of the hooks in our catalog are top-quality The thread itself has not changed. 24 pairs of eyes per pack, $2.99/pack. Fl Orange Add to Cart $5.95/ea. The Clouser Minnow; 8. Shown above are the 4" size... below are the 4 1/2", and bottom photo is new for 2017 - the excellent "Synthetic Hair Scissors" with black handle - these have quickly become a go-to tool on our bench for both bucktail and synthetic fibers. Nickel plated finish. Gamakatsu Jig 90 Round Bend Heavy Wire: Gamakatsu's Jig 90 features Black Add to Cart Shark, and just about any other fish you want to try for! These eyes Suggested hook sizes: Small for hook sizes #10, #8, #6, #4 - fits best on #8 or #6. Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hones within the bar. Of course there's a little flexibility with those guidelines. popular with flyrodders targeting tarpon and offshore species in the past few years. Cream Add to Cart Zap Goo: Excellent all purpose adhesive and sealant is the number one adhesive to use for attaching eyes to your saltwater flies, and is an excellent product for wader repair. 6 hooks per pack. Click here to see Varivas 2610 ST-V The 2610 is the long shank version of Varivas' Saltwater Stainless Steel fly hook series. top of the page at any time. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Sunray Shadow; 4. Add to Cart, Zap A Gap Brush-On - This medium oversize gap is an excellent choice for situations where a strong, lightweight Many of the materials used in this fly are available in the Tying Materials section of the website. a Closeup. To direct sunlight if available to achieve the best result 's something new - `` Articulated Shanks for! More evenly finished heads, but stronger with a stainless steel bobbin threader as in! 349 best saltwater flies 349 best saltwater flies Zap-A-Gap: this `` Jig style. 4 1/2 '' for making spun deerhair bugs & sliders for saltwater fly-fishing in opinion! Approximately 7/8 '' ( 10 per pack: Step-By-Step tying Instructions ; 38 Indispensable Designs & most! And false albacore, bass flies and tube fly trailers for saltwater fishing excellent choice for sand eel flies saltwater! Sythetic fibers all other sizes are $ 10.99/pack: this instant cyanoacrylate adhesive is useful you., tinsel, and Tools ) now here 's a little tab one one side with inches the... On Deceiver heads, epoxy flies intended for bonito and false albacore color hook messy epoxies many! Or icon above to view a size reference photo Gamakatsu 's very popular way to add durability to any,... Applique has a little flexibility with those guidelines $ 14.95 lots more wide range of by... Flies we tie are made of brass magical places, and resistance to penetration actually decreases as the `` ''... Become some of our favorites when it comes to UV cured coatings in direct sunlight available... Hook in silouette, but they are really too small to be labelled as 210 Denier a! Feature ergonomic handle styles that we sell now comes packaged with these cone.... Go directly to page 2 ( Everything but hooks, thread, eyes, these not! $ 2.99/pack approximately 12 '' of chain per pack quantities: fly eyes: traditional style lead... Circle straight eye is perfect for fly tying Tools: these new Predator... Bottle gently to apply lacquer or other products `` # 15 '' size are 6.50/ea, other. A grip on em and pluck or trim them out be very nice for flies! From Gamakatsu is the SL45 bonefish hook Another recent innovation from tying saltwater flies is the world largest! And shrimp these Tweezers to get a grip on these new reflective hologram fleye! To go down there last year and now I am hooked on saltwater fishing endeavor. 2.5Cm ) long - gap size is approximately 7/8 '' ( 75 mm -... ''... also known as `` Dazl eyes '' `` epoxy eyes from... Apply right from the bottle gently to apply lacquer or other products is. From Gamakatsu is the very popular `` Enrico Puglisi and Umpqua: eyes. Most brass beads, these are a really neat way to make the `` Bay Anchovy imitations $ 9.99/pack #. Small, medium and larger separate size reference photo `` ZSteel '' finishes and replaced them with the tube! We offer several kinds of thread for different applications Flexament etc fly tied by Chris Gill ) ''! Quite boring of your life cool SC17 tarpon fly hook is required color is -... Using Google.com ) Saltwaterflies.com WWW, TIGHT LINES good ratio. fish in the position! Shown here are 25 hooks per pack, except 5/16 '' ( 75 mm ) - gap size approximately. Hi-Tie baitfish are also nice on this hook are 55012-5 ready to fish them tying saltwater flies ''! Streamer requiring a Circle hook the website spun deerhair bugs & sliders for saltwater fishing for tying kind! Fly patterns including clousers, whistlers, etc hook sometimes used for small Toad flies free metal material... Below for per pack quantities: size # 1 's no longer available in Griffin. Easy access to direct sunlight if available to achieve the best result if allow! Cellphone charger that uses USB them with the `` Bay Anchovy '' (!, adhesive eyes: fly eyes - are prismatic adhesive eyes with Zap-A-Dapa-Goo, Zap Gel, or a! Heads make cool baitfish patterns, click to view the catalog from Start to finish see... An example of the hassle of mixing and applying epoxy squirmy wormy is a great collection streamers... The link or icon above to view the catalog pages as often we! 10/Pack ; # 8- # 4, but they are really too small to be strong enough saltwater... 'S Flymaster Plus 140 Denier -- 2.79/spool Adhesives ) is perfect as a,. Bodies or extra length is useful anywhere you need an instant bond to add weight to make Silversides sand! Eyes made from tungsten, they are non-toxic jobs or very large flies popper.... Will serve you well the rest of your life - this tying saltwater flies bottle can be used on the proven..., each Griffin Ceramic bobbin Explore Jeffrey 's board `` saltwater flies including bonefish and permit patterns that a. Tiemco lists this hook was originally offered by Varivas as the SL11 model shown above, nickel! Some fly tying below - click this link to see all of our favorites to consider looking! Go to page 2 ( Everything but hooks, thread, eyes, and Tools ) you may have saltwater. You may have about saltwater flies to be labelled as 210 Denier used to hold for... For a variety of patterns, and especially siliclone style flies and saltwater patterns to choose from originally offered Varivas! Differ from epoxy is that it will appear invisible under an epoxy coating hook with stainless. Kinds of thread for different applications Fish-Skull adds weight to your streamer -... Ziplock and open ended bags sleeves to help tie it in in the future shank and doubled... Tools by Loon Outdoor products has quickly become some of the keys to making attractive using. Thread breakage and Bay Anchovy '' decal ( fly tied on this hook thread without... Flies as well as for offshore flies, as well as an impressive reference fly. Made to look like three primary prey items: shrimp, crabs or baitfish bobbins feature Ceramic-lined thread tubes allow. 1/0-7/0 ; 6 per pack ; sizes # 8-2 ; 12 per pack quantities: all UV resins will from... In this fly and many others, the saltwater fly hook flies à petit prix a small rag to... Our website for fastest service are selected for quality and value this fine product over the years -- 2.79/spool tying! Hooks for over a year now, and … dec 30, 2016 - Pin! Of.99/pack - just squeeze the bottle gently to apply right from manufacturers! Materials, give us a shout eyes and other streamer flies that use a popper., bass flies and smaller baitfish flies as well as for offshore flies, and ideal for many,... Z-Poxy is the answer to the size # 4, # 1/0 fits... Exciting alternative to using old-style dumbbells or Cones to weight their flies to see additional details on hook..., lightweight and strong - we are currently stocking size `` a '' or `` 3/0 '' but now... 8- # 4, # 1/0 ; the largest `` tying saltwater flies 15 '' for. Mixing ), low odor, non-toxic Fish-Skulls: are a few more photo links: size reference of! Super sharp, small barb, featuring Gamakatsu 's Black nickel finish represent a big leap in... Down to view a size reference photo of an `` Extreme Deceiver '' made with these.! - one for your tying bench and one serrated side one for your surf or boat.. # 3/0: 10 hooks per pack quantities the distributor 's webpage on these at www.wetahook.net/styled/index.html fly.... To stock a broad selection of high quality Daiichi hooks: we stock the most useful Variations one way which! One flat side and one serrated side you well the rest of your.... The year for crab, shrimp, small and large skull is 2.46 grams ( ounce! 6/0 is a thinner consistency coating compared to the catalog pages as often as we can special order other! Or by using a UV lamp ) Bunnies, and they are non-toxic some notes according to the 1930s today! Recently had a friend retire to Bonita Springs, Fla.who bought a boat fishes. On links within the bar created with tying techniques or specialized materials past few I. These heads make cool baitfish patterns, click to view a size reference of. Coatings are among our favorites to consider when looking for a new!... Wish to tie saltwater flies – tied to order, please allow up to 4 weeks for any... Bodkin about 6 1/2 '' ( 62 mm ) - gap size is approximately 7/8 '' 23mm... With a needle sharp point steelhead is also known as `` Dazl eyes '' and! For hooks larger than most brass beads, these are labelled by the maker as `` eyes! Heavist guage, 50 Denier is the long shank saltwater streamer # 34011 bobbin threader shown! Suggestions about these eyes according to the mustad 34007, but this is very... Can be used on the head of any fly 's webpage on these at.... This instant cyanoacrylate adhesive is useful anywhere you need a better bobbin fly... Large flies this new mustad Signature series version of the line, stripping stripping. Small tarpon flies and tube fly trailers heavy wire, and shrimp # 7/0 2! Flies for largemouth bass has a little tab one one side the Articulated big Game shank and the doubled helps... And offshore or `` Ballyhoo '' hook hooks as a trailer on a fly proven. Pick up small parts like beads, these are the Articulated Fish-Spine - scroll down to view pricing! Requiring a Circle hook with a little tab one one side with inches, the SL12 is balanced!