Legal Recovery

  • Your debtor refuses to pay despite attempts to recover amicably
  • You want to appeal to experts to undertake legal actions
  • You want to secure your debts by judicial decisions


Effective and rigourous legal proceeding is provided by our highly qualified lawyer team to monitor the proper procedure from the starts until execution after court decisions.Our network of lawyers and bailiffs partners allows you to obtain judgments in your favour and ensure quick execution to cover your debts.

Our approach is based on the following steps   :

  • Verification of legal and financial situation of your debtor by making a thorough investigation to determine the most appropriate solution to recover your receivables
  • Find the  most appropriate legal action to your debtor profile
  • Rigorously monitor records until court judgment
  • Ensure the execution of court decisions effectively
  • Repay amounts recovered      
We bring you some light on possible options, time and cost of any procedure to engage and you will get in addition to regular reporting, client access in real time to monitor your records.

Benefit from   :

  • Increased chances of recovery while controlling your costs
  •  Fees based on our performance and recoveries