Commercial Recovery

  • You have recent unpaid debts s which delay of payment is less than 6 months
  • You  want to improve your cash before closing your annual accounting
  • You need a competent team to make your recovery while keeping a good business relationship with your clients


Commercial recovery service is performed by a well-trained negotiation team by phone using powerful tools to handle a large number of calls per day and efficiently act in order to deal with your clients.

We act solely on your behalf and tailor our messages to your client policy with a recovery process appropriate to your needs.

Use our commercial recovery service to : accelerate the collection of your recent receivables, identify potential disputes and avoid risks of non-payment.

Benefit from   :

  • Our advantageous remuneration charged according to our results
  • Improving your cash
  • Transforming your fixed costs into variable cost
  • Regular reporting and monitoring of your records