Provide Previews: Some introverted students instinctively avoid unfamiliar challenges, said Kasevich, “so give them a long runway.” This might take the form of. School is designed for the extroverts of the world. Additionally, gifted introverted children are at risk of “dumbing themselves down.” That is, they sometimes start to intentionally underachieve in order to avoid getting too much positive attention at school. If your introverted child hears the word “shy” enough times, she may start to believe that her discomfort around people is a fixed trait, not a feeling she can learn to control. Part of being a good parent is embracing your child’s quirks and uniqueness. They tend to be quiet in class, rarely speaking up or initiating interaction with their peers (and sometimes teachers). I always had good grades and made honor roll. As the parent of an introverted child, you should be aware that introverts often behave differently at home than they do at school. Introversion is a personality trait. Parenting the introvert In the past, many parents felt a need to "help" children who were introverts overcome what were seen as deficits. It’s a parent’s basic instinct to ask their children’s peers questions. “The key to maximizing our talents,” she says, “is for us all to put … OK, maybe that's not entirely fair. Being an introvert and being shy isn’t the same thing. They may become frantic about how they will … In the competitive school atmosphere – ostensibly preparing students for a successful career – some introverted children slip so far off the grid that they are identified as learning disabled. I always thought that I was the only one going through this, and I’m glad to know that I’m not alone and that it is an introvert thing. Furthermore, “shy” focuses on the inhibition she experiences, and it doesn’t help her understand the true source of her quietness—her introverted temperament. Love your blog! Below, we identify key points you should reflect on when considering 10 different school types for your introverted child. Many teachers design their classrooms to meet the needs of different personality types and different learning styles, but if we step back and think about the schedule of the typical school day, it's not designed for the introverted. Despite that, I struggled heavily with the social aspect of school and, more often than not, I found classrooms to be a nightmare. For example, both shy and introverted children may avoid social situations, however, shy children are avoiding out of fear or anxiety whereas the introverted child may just feel emotionally drained and needs to take a break. Cain argues that “the New Groupthink” places many kids at a disadvantage. Introverted children display some of the same behaviors as shy children, but the reasons behind them are different. As an introverted teen in high school right now, I can related to every single one of the things you mentioned. After all, you want to know who your kids are around in school. Don't over schedule them with after school activities. But try not to do so if your child tends to be reserved. An introverted child is more knowledgeable than they can demonstrate when suddenly called upon or pressured to participate in class. Today, thanks to much research and eye-opening books like Susan Cain's book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking , introverts are celebrated for their unique strengths and abilities. As an introverted child in school, I did pretty well academically. Your child needs down time after school to recharge their batteries so don't expect them to talk about their day for a while. It’s important to understand what it means to be introverted as to know how to better support your child’s needs. Avoid asking the introvert’s friends too many questions. School can sometimes feel like one giant run-on group activity—not ideal conditions for the introverted child. Reply. An essential question on the board as class starts; An agenda before a meeting; A detailed calendar or syllabus (middle and high school) A posted daily schedule (elementary school) 8. Introverted kids are on the shy side. How do you go about helping an introverted child at school?

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