The Greatsword is fine for pve. So far i've been running an odd 40 DEX/INT build using Friede's Greatscythe with absolutely no meta viabilty, and got throught the game quite fluidly. So I was watching one of u/thegameconomist 's build videos on the Splitleaf Greatsword and he had a dark Infusion on it (as he always does) a lot of people say heavy is the best infusion, but I like the idea of having access to tears of denial and chaos dagger. User Info: Zal_Rayden. Might be lack of experience with actual pvp gods but people really can't … Zal_Rayden 3 years ago #1. Absolutely fell in love with this weapon. Highly destructive if intolerably heavy. Halberds are a type of Weapon in Dark Souls 3. Greatswords are two-handed swords which are slightly smaller than ultra greatswords. #1. The Moonlight Greatsword is one of the most desirable greatswords in Dark Souls 3. For other uses, see Greatswords (disambiguation). They try to roll away but I time my hits so I hit them right after their roll, and at 120 sl people don't have enough health to take more than 3-4 hits from my Heavy Exile greatsword. Hey I was wondering if you more experienced types could answer a question for me. The high amount of … Halberds are generally either a fusion between a spear and another weapon, thus combining straight thrusting attacks and wide swinging strikes, or are simply a cutting or chopping weapon on a long shaft, which is swung across and overhead at a distance. There would appear to be some credence to the rumors that this sword tested the true limits of human strength. Right now I'm at 50/30 str/fth I … Big Shaq. Designed to face chaos demons. Was dex/faith for a while and just swapped to str/faith to switch things up. The greatsword class is one of the most iconic and popular choices among players, with high damage output, long range, and some striking designs. I've hit people with everything this weapon has to offer. Splitleaf Greatsword build level 120 question. These Weapons usually do moderate damage and have long reach. It is crafted by way of Souls Transposition using the Souls of Consumed Oceiros. This list was updated to include all sixteen of the greatswords found in Dark Souls 3, while the original list only included the ten best. For situations where i needed a certain element, i've been abusing a Sharp Painting Guarding's Curved Sword buffed with whatever i needed (usually lightning), but now i discovered that a Sharp Spliteleaf-Greatsword gets a juicy A … Aug 11, 2017 @ 4:10am Heavy Greatsword 2 handed at 66 strength has 676 AR which is more than Fume Greatsword so it's pretty much the best ultra greatsword for strength builds. Black Knight Greatsword is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3.. Ultra greatsword wielded by the Black Knights who wander the lands. Cathedral Knight GS is basically a baby version of the Greatsword but with a two handed thrust attack. PvP. They are characterized by sweeping one-handed attacks and powerful two-handed attacks. Main article: Weapon Types (Dark Souls III) Greatswords are a weapon type in Dark Souls III. 66 Str 16 Dex 16 … This ultra greatsword, with its thick blade, is one of the heaviest of its kind. Black Knight GS: this weapon is perfect, flawless.. every single attack is different, and all are useful, it's by far the most versatile of them imo. Splitleaf Greatsword: Heavy Or Dark? I love the Splitleaf GS and checked out various builds however, most are saying the best build is the heavy infused. The Black Knights constantly faced foes larger than themselves, and this sword's unique attack greatly reduces enemy poise. Greatsword is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3.. Anyone happen to know a good build for this weapon? Keep in mind that it is an ugs so your swings are slow. Splitleaf greatsword build?

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